The Go FAIR CO-OPERAS Implementation Network members are pleased to announce they held their kick-off meeting on July 1st. Created at the end of last year, CO-OPERAS IN aims to bring FAIR data principles into the SSH research area, support existing scholarly communication services and platforms to connect them as components of an emerging EOSC, and more broadly to the global SSH communities. 

IN gathers 45 members active in the SSH scholarly communication community at European and international level. Current members represent ERICs, research infrastructures, publishing platforms, universities, university presses, and software developers. Although closely involved in the building of EOSC, the Go FAIR INs also envision strong international collaborations and CO-OPERAS network presence outside Europe will increase. 

CO-OPERAS IN will rely additionally on collaborations with other Go FAIR INs. There are already connections made with the Discovery IN and the collaboration with FAIRStRepo and FAIRwizard INs are planned.

CO-OPERAS organizes its work through a roadmap, defining six working groups (WG), one for eauch area of action for the SSH FAIRification process:

  • Strategy,
  • SSH FAIR Data Definition,
  • Standards Survey and Mapping,
  • FAIR Applicative Framework,
  • Broaden FAIR Ecosystem,
  • Communication and Training.

The activity of the WGs and their WG leaders are supported by a management team composed of a Strategic Coordinator (University of Turin), its Substitute (Huma-Num), and a Project Manager (OpenEdition). The kick-off meeting of July 1st gave the opportunity to coordinate the activities of each WG in the coming weeks and actually start the works with interesting discussions on the various definitions of data in the SSH fields. 

We are very happy to announce that Open Science Fair organizers accepted the CO-OPERAS Workshop proposal on “Defining FAIR in the SSH: issues, cultures and practical implementations”. We couldn’t hope for a better way to involve SSH communities in establishing from their needs and experience their own FAIRification roadmap.

Currently CO-OPERAS has a consortium of 45 members from 27 organisations and 16 countries:

You want to join CO-OPERAS IN? Please find the contact form and further information here:


OPERAS is the European research infrastructure for the development of open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities. Its main goal is to coordinate and pool university-led scholarly ­communication activities in Europe in the social sciences and humanities, in view of enabling open science as the standard practice. OPERAS currently counts 40 members from 16 countries and is led by a Core Group of 9 institutions.

About GO FAIR                               

GO FAIR is a bottom-up, stakeholder-driven and self-governed initiative that aims to implement the FAIR data principles, making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. It offers an open and inclusive ecosystem for individuals, institutions and organisations working together through Implementation Networks (INs).

For more information, please contact Arnaud Gingold (arnaud.gingold[a]

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Judith Schulte

OPERAS Communication Manager and chief editor of the OPERAS Blog

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