CO-OPERAS IN – Winner of the ANR Open Science Call for Projects on Research Data



The CO-OPERAS IN (Implementation Network) collaboration network has won the ANR open science call for projects on research practices and open data. Funded to the tune of €100,000 over two years, CO-OPERAS IN aims to organize and supervise the implementation of research data in the humanities and social sciences according to the principles of the GO FAIR initiative (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). This forms part of the development of the European infrastructure OPERAS (Open Scholarly Communication in the European Research Area for Social Sciences and Humanities).

Easy to find, accessible, interoperable and reusable data for research in the social sciences and humanities (SSH): this is the challenge that CO-OPERAS IN seeks to rise to, with the aim of federating existing services and platforms for scholarly communication and, more broadly, involving the SSH community at the international level.

Coordinated by OpenEdition,  Huma-Num, and the University of Turin, CO-OPERAS IN is bringing together 45 members from 27 European and international research institutions and organizations. This network will work in close collaboration with the other GO FAIR international networks involved in the construction of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Various working groups within CO-OPERAS IN have been defined as part of the network roadmap validated by GO FAIR.

Six strands have been foreseen: strategy, definition of FAIR data in the SSH, surveys and mapping, framework of application, future prospects of the FAIR ecosystem, communication and training.

The CO-OPERAS IN kick-off meeting on 1st July was used to structure the activities and begin thinking about the definition of data on the basis of the SSH disciplines.

The next step is a workshop titled “Defining FAIR in the SSH: Issues, cultures and practical implementations” at the Open Science Fair in Porto in September, which will enable SSH communities to define their own roadmap for the “FAIRification” of their data.

Contact: Arnaud Gingold (arnaud.gingold[at]

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  1. 29/11/2019

    […] Elena Giglia, Head of the Open Access Office at the University of Turin, (UniTo) will introduce the CO-OPERAS Implementation Network and the connection with TRIPLE. Afterwards there will be a cocktail buffet […]

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