New Technical Coordinator

Yoann Moranville, OPERAS new technical coordinator

Yoann Moranville, OPERAS’ new Technical Coordinator (CC BY 4.0)

OPERAS’ new Technical Coordinator, Yoann Moranville, coordinates all OPERAS services and manages the technical work packages of the OPERAS-P project. Among others, he coordinates the metrics service, the annotation service, the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), as well as the future discovery service TRIPLE.

OPERAS has hired a Technical Coordinator thanks to the European Commission’s funding of the OPERAS-P project. The project aims at further developing the OPERAS Research Infrastructure.DARIAH has supported OPERAS’ development by recruiting the new Technical Coordinator. Yoann, who is part of the DARIAH Coordination Office, could be hired thanks to the transfer of received person months by the OPERAS-P project from Huma-Num (CNRS) to DARIAH. This is yet another sign of the close collaboration between both infrastructures, which will work together closely and are aiming at developing common activities. This has already started with the HIRMEOS project and will continue with the new OPERAS-P and TRIPLE projects.

“I am really happy that DARIAH and OPERAS could achieve this level of cooperation and give me the opportunity to be part of it, and more specifically part of the core of the OPERAS Research Infrastructure. The gap that OPERAS is trying to fill within the SSH research landscape is not only a wish but a need for researchers in Europe, and being able to coordinate the technical side of it is going to be very exciting in the next few years!” – Yoann Moranville

OPERAS warmly welcomes Yoann and aims for a long and close collaboration with DARIAH!

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Elisabeth Ernst

Digital Humanities Officer at Max Weber Stiftung (MWS) and Communication Officer for OPERAS projects.

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