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OPERAS already unites 40 organizations from 16 different countries and we aim in making our network grow. Providing a common governance for such a diverse group of people and interests is challenging: every organization and every individual comes with its own experiences and frame of references shaped through their professional background and local context as well as personal preferences. This wealth of diversity puts governance at a centerstage when we look at the future of our community. How can we ensure a sustainable growth that includes every member, reflects the values and interests of the community as a whole and fosters common decision making? 

OPERAS community

Like almost all organizations in the 21st century OPERAS is confronted with uncertainty on multiple levels – the needs of our stakeholders change and so does the legal context as well as the interests of our audiences. Therefore, any future governance model should support us in dealing with this uncertainty by providing tools that enable us to react upon and to shape future change.

In the context of the setup of the OPERAS Assembly of Commons and to tackle these challenges, we not only need to better understand our needs as a network but also to analyse these needs in detail, to contextualize them within the wider landscape of governance and to finally come back with suggestions.  

Therefore, we would like to invite you all to participate in our online questionnaire until March 30, 2020, which you can find here:
This might take 15 to 20 minutes.

We sincerely thank you in advance for your input.

Suzanne, Valérie, Lars and Pierre


For further questions please contact:

Valérie Schafer (valerie.schafer[a], Lars Wieneke (lars.wieneke[a] and Pierre Mounier (pierre.mounier[a]

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Judith Schulte

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