OPERAS and PKP join forces to launch “European Community in SSH” Forum


OPERAS, the Research Infrastructure supporting open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities in the European Research Area, and the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), the multi-university initiative that develops open source software to support scholarly communication and OPERAS international member, have joined forces to launch an open forum for the European social sciences and humanities (SSH) community. It offers the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas, information and experiences on open scholarly communication topics.

The OPERAS Forum is hosted at the PKP Forum under the Regional Networks category and is called “European Community in SSH”. It aims to bring together stakeholders involved in various capacities in the scholarly communication process, such as publishers, editors, publishing platform managers, or reviewers and researchers to stimulate a dialogue. They are invited to discuss about the transition process to open scholarly communication, their experiences and the extent at which these are common to other communities, the challenges they might be facing during this process. The Forum also seeks to focus (among others) on innovative initiatives in publishing practices and the prospects of the scholarly communication process. The Forum is open to everyone involved or interested in scholarly communication, not only to OPERAS community members or European stakeholders. 

Snap-shot of the Forum “European Community in SSH” (January 2021)

Currently, there are two topics open: Business Models where colleagues from Serbia have shared their experiences from the use of publishing platforms and their tools, and Networking where colleagues from Germany present the setting up of OPERAS national node. In both cases, we seek to learn more from the experiences of other stakeholders. We also welcome other topics, as a key element of the Forum is a top-down approach where the topics are suggested by the community rather than the forum moderators. 

The “European Community in SSH” is moderated by the National Documentation Centre/EKT (Greece) on behalf of OPERAS.

For more information please contact Marina Angelaki (mangelaki(a)ekt.gr).

Judith Schulte

OPERAS Communication Officer and chief editor of the OPERAS Blog

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