New OPERAS Newsletter: April 2021

The next OPERAS Newsletter is now available: OPERAS Newsletter April 2021

OPERAS Newsletter April 2021

The newsletter keeps you updated about the OPERAS Research Infrastructure, its ongoing projects (COESO, OPERAS-P, TRIPLE, Study on OA Diamond, OPERAS-GER), the CO-OPERAS GoFAIR Implementation Network, its international cooperation, our community and upcoming events.
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For the upcoming month OPERAS has a full schedule of online events. Check our “Save the Date”-section and our event page

This April newsletter informs you about the followin topics:


OPERAS Research Infrastructure

  • Publishers and Publishing Stances (event recap)
  • OPERAS Welcomes New Members 
  • More OPERAS News in a Nutshell

OPERAS-P Project

  • Innovative business models for open access book publishing in Europe (event recap)
  • Project results: New Publications


  • Survey on Citizen Science funding has been concluded
  • COESO’s Communication and Dissemination Strategy has been published
  • COESO’s website and Twitter channel go live

TRIPLE Project (Discovery Service)

  • 1st TRIPLE ThatCamp: “Discovering Discovery” on May 11th
  • Live! TRIPLE Crowdfunding Survey
  • More TRIPLE News in a nutshell

Diamond OA Survey on Open Access Diamond Journals

  • Takeaways from the Open Access Diamond Journals Study


  • Networking the Networks (event recap)
  • OPERAS Open Chats (for libraries and publishers)
  • New interview series “Opening to Open Access”


Save the Date:

Please contact Judith Schulte ( for more information.

OPERAS-P Funding

Judith Schulte

OPERAS Communication Officer and chief editor of the OPERAS Blog

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