Welcomeurope Offers Trainings for OPERAS Members

Starting this October, the consultancy firm Welcomeurope is offering monthly small-group Horizon Europe trainings, tailored to the needs of OPERAS members, at discounted prices.

With support from Welcomeurope’s consultancy services, OPERAS has successfully applied for funding from the European Commission on several previous projects. Because of this positive experience working with Welcomeurope, OPERAS has partnered with them again, through a formalized signed agreement, to create a learning opportunity for consortium members. Through this partnership, OPERAS continues to increase competency in the areas of funding and collaborations and support members to boost their participation in European projects. The idea was tested this summer with two modules (“Applying as Project Coordinator” and “Building a Consortium”) and was met with enthusiasm. 

The 4-hour Horizon Europe training sessions will take place beginning in October. The first three sessions have already been scheduled and cover the following topics:

  • Mastering the rules of collaborative, how to jointly write a proposal, to conduct partners meetings and to organize the project data collection
  • Optimizing and securing the provisional budget
  • Getting organized to soundly apply to Horizon Europe

And more will follow. Thanks to the cooperation, it is possible to offer reduced fees to the participants. Sessions are open to any person in an OPERAS member institution interested in the topic raised, and it is also absolutely feasible to set up a dedicated session to an institution according to individual needs. A 10-day minimum advance registration, directly to Welcomeurope, is required to ensure that the training will take place. 

Considering their 20+ years of experience and know-how regarding European public funds and the positive experience we’ve already had with their services, OPERAS is optimistic that these trainings with Welcomeurope will support OPERAS members in securing new funding to create innovative and collaborative projects leading us to accomplish our common goals. 

For more information please contact Emilie Blotière (emilie.blotiere[a]huma-num.fr).

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