Polish National Node takes on community building activities

OPERAS-PL is led by the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

OPERAS-PL is the Polish OPERAS National Node lead by IBL-Pan to build up a national OPERAS community in Poland. The team’s mission is to bring together various stakeholders from the Polish social sciences and humanities (SSH) community: researchers, academic institutions, publishers, librarians and policy makers in order to implement new ideas, solutions, tools and workflows into scholarly communication in Poland. In the next few years OPERAS-PL will create a knowledge hub focusing on e-infrastructures, publishing tools and business models for the SSH. 

As befits an initiative focused on improving communication practices, immediately after the opening event on 16th June 2021 OPERAS-PL started community building activities and launched OPERAS-PL Newsletter. The main idea behind the newsletter is to build a strong SSH community ready to open their research output and utilise open sciences digital tools and services. In the monthly newsletter OPERAS-PL shares information regarding OPERAS events, training and services as well as disseminates useful tips and guidelines for implementing good practices in scholarly communication. Starting from scratch the team collected over 140 email addresses and keeps on searching new members using various channels of communication. This interest shows the necessity of a national node for OPERAS in Poland.

In September OPERAS-PL launched a dedicated website in Polish. It will serve as a space for sharing news from the OPERAS network and disseminating best practices in the fields of open science and open scholarly communication. The team has already started posting about open access publishing, repositories, editing and annotating tools and various genres, such as digital monographies. 

As a part of the OPERAS National Node network, the Polish initiative participates in communication activities of the whole consortium. At the moment OPERAS-PL is focused on disseminating information about the 1st TRIPLE conference: “Empowering discovery in open social sciences and humanities” that will take place on 22–24th November. The GoTriple platform as a tool targeted at researchers and the broader academic community is one of the services we aim to widely promote among our audience in order to engage them in testing and improving the service. 

The leader of OPERAS-PL – IBL PAN – coordinates also the OPERAS Innovation Lab, aimed at identifying users’ needs and developing prototypes of tools and services for better communication in the SSH community. OPERAS-PL will engage the Polish community to participate in those activities.

OPERAS-PL activities are currently funded by IBL PAN, however the team’s goal is to obtain funding necessary for expanding its operations by creating an offer of workshops and seminars for the SSH community in Poland and supporting publication of innovative genres.

For more information, please contact Magdalena Wnuk (magdalena.wnuk[a]ibl.waw.pl).

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