OPERAS Welcomes Yannick Legré as New Secretary General

We are pleased to announce that on October 25th Yannick Legré began his position as the new OPERAS Secretary General.  

Yannick is taking over the role from Chloé Lebon who provided excellent support for OPERAS through the past two significant years of growth. He will be the first official employee of OPERAS AISBL, working from the soon to be established OPERAS office in Brussels. In the role of Secretary General, and taking advantage of the inscription of OPERAS onto the ESFRI Roadmap, Yannick’s first missions will be, on the one hand, to support OPERAS’ members in developing the OPERAS National Nodes and liaising with the ministries and, on the other hand, to propel OPERAS forward on its path to becoming an even more well-established and influential Research Infrastructure in Europe and eventually an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium). 

Suzanne Dumouchel, OPERAS co-coordinator and a member of the board of directors of the EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) , is very happy to work with Yannick:

OPERAS AISBL feels very lucky to welcome Yannick on board. Having Yannick as the new OPERAS Secretary General is a guarantee of success for the association in the different challenges that are ahead of us.

Yannick was the Director of EGI.eu until December 2019 and was senior consultant for various European SMEs since then. Formerly he was a senior research engineer at the French National Scientific Research Centre – Grid and Cloud Institute (CNRS-IdGC). He holds a Master of Science in Information Technology (MScIT) and a degree in Law (LL.L). Over the last 20+ years, Yannick has been involved in more than 60 projects in the areas of e-Infrastructures, healthcare and biomedical research, as well as biodiversity and environmental research. Yannick has successfully coordinated several EC, NATO and nationally funded projects. He has also been a co-founder and the president of the international HealthGrid association, and the director for International Relations of a French SME. Yannick is a certified expert and auditor for FitSM standard and ISO/IEC 27001. Yannick Legré about his new role:

Like many people in the research area, I knew too little about the Social Sciences and Humanities research community. The more I discover about this community the more I appreciate it and I really feel humbled to be accepted within their rank.

There are countless challenges lying ahead of us, starting with gearing up the OPERAS AISBL and preparing, in the coming years, the creation of the ERIC, but also ensuring the main services offered by OPERAS to the community are sustainable, efficient, effective and as easy to use as possible. The main objectives will be to ensure the best added value for the community with as little bureaucracy and overhead as necessary. I feel very excited and impatient to put my competencies and energy to the service of the SSH community.

Yannick Legré
Yannick Legré
Photo by Lysia Bouchéras: https://www.instagram.com/lysia_photographie/ (@lysia_photographie)

Through his professional experience and established networks, Yannick will contribute to OPERAS’ international connections, building up the infrastructure and establishing OPERAS’s Brussels headquarters.

If you’re an OPERAS member, feel free to reach out to Yannick and introduce yourself – he’s very friendly and responsive and looks forward to getting to know everyone: Yannick Legré (yannick.legre[a]operas-eu.org).

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