OPERAS is looking forward to welcome its new Chief Technology Officer in April

OPERAS is glad to announce that Sy Holsinger will join the OPERAS Research Infrastructure as Chief Technology Officer on April 1st


The OPERAS Research Infrastructure is building up its scholarly communication services for social sciences and humanities in the European Research Area within different projects and with multiple partners and service providers. Therefore, the position of the Chief Technology officer is a key role to merge together the different services and facilities in a common strategy. His main taks is to define the technical strategy to ensure the delivery, sustainability, efficiency, and effectiveness of the first set of OPERAS’ main services. The role will serve as the primary driver and catalyst for the delivery of the technical ambitions of OPERAS. 

Sy Holsinger
Sy Holsinger

Sy Holsinger spent more than ten years at the EGI Foundation as Strategy and Innovation Team Lead and Business Development Manager. He has over fifteen years experience in EU-funded projects providing both management and support roles related to the development and implementation of e-Infrastructures for research and innovation as well leading commercial exploitation such as in the series of EGEE projects, EGI flagship projects, and EOSC-hub and EOSC Future projects. In addition, he is a certified expert, trainer and auditor (ISO 19011) in both FitSM (Service Management) and ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security) standards, and volunteers as Co-chair of ITEMO (IT Education Management Organization) to evolve the FitSM standard. Sy studied Business Communications and Management in the U.S as well as served in the U.S. Air Force.

OPERAS is looking forward to welcoming him in the OPERAS Coordination Team and as the second official staff member of the OPERAS AISBL.

As OPERAS is currently growing and will be recruiting more staff in 2022. Follow our job announcements for new calls and our twitter channel to join our team.

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