Ten scholarly journals in Ukraine selected to be supported in SUES programme


SUES (Supporting Ukrainian Editorial Staff) is an initiative of European institutions, infrastructures and organisations, aimed at supporting and sustaining scholarly communication in Ukraine. We reach out to scholarly journals and academic publishers offering help with day-to-day activities, international visibility, infrastructure, and building stronger relationships for the future. While observing and applauding numerous initiatives of support to Ukrainian scholars, we do notice the lack of specific support to editors and publishers. 

SUES offers help through mentoring, support towards DOAJ/DOAB inclusion and small scholarships to support day-to-day operations. The current crowdfunding campaign’s goal is to fund 10 scholarships of 1,500 EUR each. (In case there are more funds collected the number of scholarships will be increased).

Evaluation procedure

The committee took under consideration 95 journals whose statement of needs was submitted via SUES web form by 19th May 2022 noon, when the evaluation process started. New queries are received after this date but will be processed later, if a new round is possible. Two important points should be made: (1) not all journals and publishers asked for financial support, (2) journals often asked for broader support exceeding the financial capacities of SUES.

The evaluation was conducted iteratively, according to the criteria reflecting the general principles of SUES, especially ensuring that the help will go to the journals in need, planning a wider cooperation with SUES partners. We took into consideration the journal’s history, recent issues, open access policy/plans, presence in journal indexes, location in regions directly affected by the war, interest in further cooperation with SUES partners, expression of needs. Given the capacity of the programme, the committee prioritised individual journal submissions instead of university submissions (with an exception of Luhansk).

The top 10 list journals presented below will receive scholarships if the crowdfunding campaign reaches its goal. Should we collect more money the further position on the list will be released.





Collected scientific works of the Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport




Educational Challenges

e-ISSN 2709-7986 (Online)



From the archives of the VUChK–GPU–NKVD–KGB




Proceeding of Shevchenko  Scientific Society. Medical Sciences




Scientific journals of the State Institution “Taras Shevchenko Luhansk National University”

2227-2844, 2227-2747, 1817-3772, 2227-2631, 2415-721X



Skhid (East)

1728-9343 (Print) 2411-3093 (Online)



Sociology: Theory, Methods, Marketing

1563-3713 (print), 2663-5143 (online)



Technical sciences and technology




The Scientific Notes of the Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University. Literature Studies.

2312-1068 (Print), 2312-1076 (Online)






The Scientific Committee expresses its awe for the diversity and quality of Ukrainian scholarly journals. We see the current SUES actions as a temporary measure and a pilot programme for a more sustainable action. We call upon the European Commission and ministries of science of the European countries to provide funds for a more comprehensive support programme.

SUES Scientific Committee Members

  • Thomas Chopard (EHESS)
  • Caroline Dandurand (Editions Quae)
  • Iryna Kuchma (EIFL and DOAJ)
  • Maciej Maryl (IBL PAN) – Chair
  • Pierre Mounier (OPERAS)
  • Emmanuel Royer (CNRS)
  • Niels Stern (DOAB)
  • Svetlana Tarasova (IBL PAN)
  • Marta Tomakhiv (IBL PAN)

Further Information:

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  1. 30/06/2022

    […] SUES offers help through mentoring, support towards DOAJ/DOAB inclusion and small scholarships to support day-to-day operations. The money collected will be divided into lump sums of 1500 euros for each journal or publisher. More about the evaluation process to be found here.  […]

  2. 12/07/2022

    […] et à déterminer leurs besoins les plus urgents. Les demandes ont été examinées par un comité scientifique (composition des comités éditoriaux, procédures d’évaluation, qualité éditoriale, modes de […]

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