Meet OPERAS new Finance & Administration Officer, Céline Bitoune

The OPERAS RI is pleased to announce the arrival of Céline Bitoune, the new Chief Finance & Administrative Officer of OPERAS. Céline is starting her new position today, October 3rd, to work as part of the OPERAS Coordination Team from OPERAS’ Headquarters in Brussels. 

As OPERAS Chief Finance & Administration Officer, Céline will work closely with the Secretary General of OPERAS, Yannick Legré, to manage the Research Infrastructure’s strategic and daily operations. Among her responsibilities are: 

  • the organisation’s financial, budgeting and administrative processes; 
  • the financial and administrative coordination of OPERAS AISBL; 
  • the analysis of resources;
  • planning and business plan development for the transition to an ERIC legal structure; 
  • and the application and maintenance of certifications, audits, quality and risk controls. 
Céline Bitoune

Céline Bitoune has 24 years of experience in managing more than 50 European Commission-funded projects. She is a certified expert and auditor (ISO 19001) in FitSM (Service Management) and Foundation in ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security). She has served the EGI Foundation as CFO for 10 years, advising the Directors and Executive Board on the financial management of the EU projects and the EGI Foundations. During the past two and a half years, she was promoted to Head of Projects and Finance Department and HR Manager, contributing to the recruitment campaigns and developing HR internal’s policies. 

The power of the community is one important point for Céline. Fifteen years ago, she discovered the Zulu proverb “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, meaning “A person is a person through other people” – and she has used this proverb for long. Serving the community will be one of the meaningful points also in her new position:

“It matters to me opting for a meaningful job with a purpose. Serving the community of OPERAS seeking for long-term sustainability in the form of an ERIC came at the right moment to give a new turn to my career. And I look forward to contributing my best to all of your success.”

OPERAS is glad she will participate in the OPERAS Coordination Team, the central hub of the infrastructure and brings much experience and expertise. Especially her competences around the FitSM Services Management fit very well to the OPERAS strategy.

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