Behind the Scenes Series #13: Leonie Disch

In the series “TRIPLE: Behind the Scenes”, we feature individual staff members from the TRIPLE project team to give a face to the people behind the scenes. What is their role in the project, their background, and how did they get in touch with the Open Science movement?

Leonie Disch (Photo: Private)

Today, we introduce you to Leonie Disch (check out her Twitter and her LinkedIn accounts). Leonie works at the Know-Center, a leading European research centre for Data-driven Business and Artificial Intelligence located in Graz, Austria.

Leonie, what is your role in the TRIPLE project, and what are you currently working on in the project?

Together with Gert Breitfuss, also from Know-Center, we lead the Triple Work Package 7 on Innovation, Exploitation, and Sustainability. Currently, we are working on final governance planning and decisions to prepare GoTriple for the time after the funding period. Plus, we are working on the deliverable on business model evaluation.

What is your background in terms of previous work experience and academic discipline, and which specific perspective(s) does that background contribute to TRIPLE? 

As a PhD student (background in psychology and PhD focus on human-computer interaction), I am very interested in science being openly accessible on the one hand and in networking and exchanging ideas with other scientists on the other. Accessibility and exchange are increasingly being promoted through open science initiatives. The first publication of my PhD was dedicated to how open science platforms can be supported by various technological additions (mainly inspired by educational technology research) in terms of promoting the learning processes of platform users.

What are the aspects you’re most excited about for the release of the GoTriple platform?

I am excited for the platform to get many users. I will use the entire platform to search for publications, connect to other researchers, and use the visualization tools – the streamgraph and knowledge map.

What is the one thing that you desperately need in your daily work routine? 

Better strategies with reference to time management.

What is your favourite activity to release stress after a hard week at work?

Go for a walk with my dog and love to play pool.

Leonie’s dog. (Photo: Private)

Could you share your Christmas plans with us? 

I will visit my family in Germany and eat the same on Christmas eve like every year, and I love that tradition. 🙂

What are you excited about for 2023 and what you’re not?

I am not excited that my twenties will be over next year; I am excited about the positive challenges in my next year of the PhD.

Leonie, thank you very much for the interview!

The TRIPLE project is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020), Grant Agreement No. 863420. Project coordinator is Suzanne Dumouchel (Huma-Num), Co-coordinator of OPERAS. For more information please contact her at

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