Help us understand Open Access Diamond and institutional publishing – DIAMAS Survey

OPERAS Survey-a-thon

The DIAMAS project is launching a survey which is of high relevance to your organisation and will interest your network.

The DIAMAS project supports Open Access Diamond and institutional publishing by setting new standards, increasing visibility, and promoting the sustainability of a diverse publishing landscape. OPERAS participates in the DIAMAS project as a Work Package leader. Find more information here:

The landscape mapping survey: will help begin the development of a range of resources which will offer practical help to for publishers, including tools, guidelines, quality standards, policy recommendations, and training programmes. Input is essential for DIAMAS to achieve these aims and to help support you and accelerate the transition to Open Access. We invite you to ask your colleagues to fill in the survey, and they can download the English PDF: to view the survey offline. Your survey input is essential for us to help support you and to accelerate the transition to Open Access.

The information we collect will be used to develop a range of outputs and tools which will offer practical help to institutional publishers and service providers. Through the landscape mapping conducted in this survey, DIAMAS will create a registry of “institutional publishing service providers”, building a community ready to share knowledge and collaborate. A series of best practices, policy recommendations, and guidelines will be created to help strengthen the community and set evidence-based quality standards. 

The work of the project will culminate in an online portal which can be used by the community to retrieve information and guidance. In order to effectively do this, your input is essential.

The survey will remain open until 10 May 2023. DIAMAS is offering a series of SURVEY-A-THONS designed to help respondents complete the survey, addressing issues, questions, or queries which may arise while completing the form. It also allows you to block time in your agenda for the questionnaire before it closes on April 30th. The sessions are offered in a range of languages. You can see information about these events here:


OPERAS invites you to join the OPERAS SURVEY-A-THON to fill out the survey together on April 19, 13.00 to 14.30 CEST together with:

  • Pierre Mounier (OPERAS & OpenEdition)
  • Irakleitos Souyioultzoglou (OPERAS)

During the SURVEY-A-THON, there will be a short introduction to DIAMAS and the survey’s aims. Any issues you encounter while filling in the questions, or queries you might have, will have someone on hand to address them then and there.

Register here.

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