OPERAS welcomes University of Lorraine

We are glad to welcome the University of Lorraine as a new ordinary member of the OPERAS community.

With an outreach across 2 metropolises, 10 towns and cities and urban areas within its region, Université de Lorraine invests wholeheartedly in knowledge production and sharing. It is committed to raising the level of citizens’ educational attainment through intensive research involving both the basic and applied strands. Université de Lorraine resolutely committed itself to the path of Open Science at the beginning of the decade 2010, leading to the first seminar on the subject in 2016. Since then, this commitment has been gradually expanded, with a series of annual colloquia, institutional and financial support for open editorial initiatives, and the adoption of the national archive HAL as the University’s official bibliography in 2018. Since 2019, a dedicated steering committee has been at work, accompanied by three operational committees on open publication, data and software, with the aim of providing researchers with a secure environment to enable them to more easily cope with current developments in the world of research.

Open Science at Université de Lorraine: https://scienceouverte.univ-lorraine.fr/en/home/

Through its participation, the Université de Lorraine is strengthening its reflection on scientific communication in Social Sciences and Humanities and its presence in international working groups.

For the Université de Lorraine, Jean-François Lutz and Aricia Bassinet (Direction de la Documentation) will be taking part in the Special Interest Group Open Access Business Models and Best Practices, as well as in the OPERAS Annual Assembly.

We are looking forward to further collaborations. 


OPERAS is the Research Infrastructure supporting open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) in the European Research Area. Its mission is to coordinate and federate resources in Europe to efficiently address the scholarly communication needs of European researchers in the field of SSH. OPERAS’ aim is to make Open Science a reality for research in the SSH and achieve a scholarly communication system where knowledge produced in the SSH benefits researchers, academics, students and more generally the whole society across Europe and worldwide, without barriers.

Contact us and find more information on joining OPERAS here: https://operas-eu.org/about/want-to-know-more/want-to-join-operas/

OPERAS Coordinator Community: Pierre Mounier pierre.mounier[at]operas-eu.org

EU Funding

OPERAS-PLUS is receiving funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe rsearch and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101079608.

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Judith Schulte

OPERAS Communication Manager and chief editor of the OPERAS Blog

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