Save the Date: Translations and Open Science Days in Paris

In December 2023, the four exploratory studies of the Translations and Open Science project will come to an end. Funded by the French National Fund for Open Science and coordinated by OPERAS, the studies were designed to provide input for the creation of a scientific translation service combining language resources, technologies and human skills. 

In particular, the studies were focused on: 

  • mapping the current translation practices, tools and needs within the scientific community (researchers, publishers, librarians, etc.) and the related professions (for example, scientific and academic translators); 
  • training and evaluating specialised machine translation engines to assess their usability according to scholarly communication requirements; 
  • defining an ethical and sustainable framework to encourage translation activities in scholarly communication.

Looking forward to the publication of the study reports in 2024, the Translations and Open Science Days will provide the opportunity to share an overview of the studies and to get feedback from the community in order to plan future developments.

The event will be held in Paris on December 18 and 19, 2023.

To find out more about the programme and register, please refer to the information below the poster or in the poster attached (in French).

Translations and Open Science Days

18–19 December 2023

Condorcet Campus (Aubervillier)

Room 0.004 – Bâtiment de recherche Nord (ground floor)

DAY 1 (9H00–18H00)

Overview of the four exploratory studies 

9:30Presentation of the Translations and Open Science project
10:15Coffee break
10:30Use case study for a technology-based, collaborative scientific translation service
12:00Lunch break
14:00Mapping and collection of scientific bilingual corpora
15:00Machine translation evaluation in the context of scholarly communication
16:00Coffee break
16:30Economic and ethical model of a technology-based, collaborative scientific translation service

DAY 2 (9H00–13H00)


9:30Project background
10:00Translating with technology in the loop
11:00Coffee break
11:30Practical exercise
12:30Discussion with participants




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