Community discussion on Research Assessment Reform in Social Sciences and Humanities

The beginning of 2024 brings an opportunity to reflect together on research assessment in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). The Community of Practice, organised by the GraspOS project, will take place on January 17th, 10.00–11.00 CET, online. The discussion will be led by OPERAS Project Policy Officer, Fotis Mystakopoulos.

In SSH specifically, research assessment involves several variables such as the interplay between the international and local contexts of the research, widespread multilingual practices, and publications beyond the conventional high-impact factor journals. Thus, what is the role of Open Science in fostering a more inclusive research assessment process in the SSH domain that prioritises quality over quantity?  It is time to discuss it together.

As part of the European and international movement towards open scientific practices, Research Assessment Reform can provide a big boost to the adoption of Open Science. On the other hand, the transparency offered by Open Science can serve as a key enabler for assessment reform. 

Do you know the GraspOS Project?

The GraspOS project (next Generation Research Assessment to Promote Open Science) aims to develop, assess and put into operation an open and trusted federated infrastructure for next-generation research metrics and indicators, offering data, tools, services, and guidance to support and enable policy reforms for research assessment at researcher (individual/group), institutional, organisational and country level. It is funded under the Horizon Europe Research Infrastructures programme from January 2023 until December 2025.

What is the Community of Practice?

The Community of Practice (CoP) consists of actors involved in Open Science practices and in developing new recognition and reward systems. In bi-monthly conversations, research funders, research managers, researchers and anyone interested in these topics come together to discuss the multiple ways in which research assessment considers Open Science. The guests tell stories about issues, frustrations and successes of research assessment in relation to Open Science.

Are you interested in participating? Register here.

Have you met Fotis Mystakopoulos?

Fotis Mystakopoulos is a project policy officer currently working on two EOSC projects (GraspOS and Skills4EOSC), and he is also engaged in two CoARA working groups on behalf of OPERAS AISBL.

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