SciELO: OPERAS first International Partner

scielo becomes first international partner of operasThe Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) has expressed its full support of OPERAS’ aim to establish a strong and innovative pan-European research infrastructure to improve scholarly communication systems for the social sciences and humanities.

SciELO is a 19-year-old international cooperation program on scholarly communication. It is implemented through a network of national collections of open access peer reviewed journals covering 15 countries: 12 from Latin America, as well as from South Africa, Portugal and Spain. The SciELO network indexes, publishes and interoperates about 1.000 journals from all major scientific areas, including 427 journals for the Social Sciences and Humanities. The network also publishes over 12.000 new articles in this field annually.

Abel L. Packer, Director of SciELO, has expressed in a letter of support to OPERAS that SciELO envisions becoming an active international partner of the network, as OPERAS goals and functions align well with the SciELO program.

Find out more about the SciELO network at

Elisabeth Ernst

Digital Humanities Officer at Max Weber Stiftung (MWS) and Communication Officer for OPERAS projects.

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