Best Practices WG

Best Practices Working Group

OPERAS Best Practices Working Group posterPublishing is a composite activity that includes several components. Therefore, the adoption of best practices in academic publishing should address all aspects : service provision to authors, publishers agreements, peer-reviewing, editing, usage of open access licenses, dissemination, metrics and digital preservation. On each of these topics, best practices charts and lists have been elaborated by different academic and professional networks and already exist, gaining enough consensus in the community to be adopted by OPERAS consortium without the need for reinvention from the start. What has to be done is to identify the most accepted best practices for each case and plan for concrete and specific actions for their implementation by OPERAS partners.

The is a crucial domain, however, where best practices are not clearly established : management of the transition to Open Access. Although several “flipping mechanisms” are proposed, none is widely considered as “best practice” over others. In that domain the debate in the academic community clearly lacks maturity.

Working Group Members

  • OAPEN (contact point)
  • Association of European University Presses – AEUP
  • Hyothesis
  • Linguistics in Open Access – LingOA
  • OpenEdition
  • Open Library of Humanities – OLH
  • Quality Open Access Market – QOAM
  • Lexis
  • Stockholm University Press
  • Ubiquity Press
  • University of Milan
  • University of Zadar


Poster presentation for the OPERAS Conference (June 2018)


To learn more about the activities of the working group or to get involved, please contact Eelco Ferwerda (e.ferwerda[at]