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Business Models Working Group

OPERAS Business Models Working GroupThe white paper on Business Models for Open Access proposes that there is no single ideal business model for Open Access that can be adopted as standard. It describes the current landscape in which there are multiple approaches to OA publishing, many of which are adopted by OPERAS members to suit their particular circumstances, although the APC and BPC models still predominate especially among commercial publishers. The paper describes the business models adopted by members both from the point of view of publishers, and of service providers such as Knowledge Unlatched, as well as looking at models emerging elsewhere such as in the USA and at national level in some European countries, where interesting collaborative approaches are being undertaken. The paper analyses the  pros and cons of different models, and concludes with some suggestions for ways of bringing greater stability and sustainability to Open Access publishing models.

Working Group Members

  • UCL Press (contact point)
  • Association of European University Presses – AEUP
  • Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences – IBL PAN
  • Knowledge Unlatched – KU
  • KU Research
  • Lexis
  • National Documentation Centre – EKT
  • Open Library of Humanities – OLH
  • UC Digitalis


Poster presentation for the OPERAS Conference (June 2018)


To learn more about the activities of the working group or to get involved, please contact Lara Speicher (l.speicher[at]