Multilingualism WG

Multilingualism Working Group

OPERAS Multilingualism Working Group poster

Scholarly publication is indisputably boosted by the use of the English language. However, it represents an impoverishment of certain research fields, in particular in Social Sciences and Humanities. In this scenario, the challenges for OPERAS are to support researchers that want to continue publishing in their own language and to develop transnational scientific cooperation at the same time. Thereof, the proposed intervention areas are: translation, multilanguage discovery tool and the endowment of national languages.

Working Group Members

  • UC Digitalis (contact point)
  • Georg-August-University Göttingen – UGOE
  • Huma-Num
  • National Documentation Centre – EKT
  • University Institute of Lisbon – ISCTE-IUL


Poster presentation for the OPERAS Conference (June 2018)


To learn more about the activities of the working group or to get involved, please contact Delfim Leão (leo[at]