Author: Elisabeth Ernst

Yoann Moranville, OPERAS new technical coordinator 0

New Technical Coordinator

OPERAS’ new Technical Coordinator, Yoann Moranville, coordinates all OPERAS services and manages the technical work packages of the OPERAS-P project. Among others, he coordinates the metrics service, the annotation service, the Directory of Open...

PKP logo 0

OPERAS welcomes PKP as a new member

The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) has joined OPERAS as an international partner. The OPERAS Core Group has accepted its application to join OPERAS unanimously. Founded in 1998, the PKP is a research and open...

DOAB Logo 1

Creation of DOAB Foundation

OAPEN Foundation (Netherlands) and OpenEdition (France) are pleased to announce the creation of DOAB Foundation as a joint venture between the two partners. The mission of the new foundation is to provide an independent...