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Coordination Team 0

OPERAS Created Coordination Team

OPERAS is led by a 9 member core group and currently has 40 members. The infrastructure will continue to grow in the coming months and therefore OPERAS is working to further establish itself under...

Yoann Moranville, OPERAS new technical coordinator 0

New Technical Coordinator

OPERAS’ new Technical Coordinator, Yoann Moranville, coordinates all OPERAS services and manages the technical work packages of the OPERAS-P project. Among others, he coordinates the metrics service, the annotation service, the Directory of Open...

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OPERAS signed the Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism

OPERAS supports the Helsinki Initiative on Multilinguism to forward multilinguism in scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities. OPERAS wants to point to the relevance of research and scholarly communication in local languages....