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The OPERAS Funding Series is bringing together different approaches of funding in social sciences and humanities research projects. In this series we update you about funding opportunities for social sciences and humanities research and cooperative projects as well as raise awareness of important funding topics. We will highlight the topic of funding from different perspectives and describe innovative ways of funding. Funders and funding recipients cannot exist without each other, but they don’t always succeed in their search to find each other. In the funding world, not only do researchers/citizen scientists struggle to find the right match, but funders also struggle to attract sufficient and appropriate applicants. With this series, we want to support the dialogue between them.

SSH CitSci Funding 0

Funding SSH Citizen Science Projects

“Civic engagement” is a buzzword these days when it comes to policy making in Europe, and it’s also found its way into the world of research – often through the term “citizen science.” “Citizen...

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