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Management Team
  • Coordinators:
    • For partnerships: Suzanne Dumouchel, Huma-Num (suzanne.dumouchel[at]
    • For OPERAS community: Pierre Mounier, OpenEdition (pierre.mounier[at]
  • Project Manager COESO: Alessia Smaniotto, OpenEdition (alessia.smaniotto[at]
  • Technical Coordinator: Arnaud Gingold, OpenEdition (arnaud.gingold[at]
  • Communication Officer: Judith Schulte, Max Weber Stiftung, (schulte[at]

Scientific Team

Available at

Contact Points
  • Contact Point for Latin America: Delfim Leao, UC Digitalis (leo[at]
  • Contact Point for ENRESSH: Jadranka Stojanovski, University of Zadar (jadranka.stojanovski[at] and Nina Hoffman, IBL PAN (nina.hoffman[at]
  • Contact Point for GO FAIR: Elena Giglia, University of Torino (elena.giglia[at]

Website and External Communication
  • Judith Schulte, Max Weber Stiftung (schulte[at]
  • Elisabeth Ernst, Max Weber Stiftung (ernst[at]
  • Stefanie Pohle (

Logo and Flyer Design

Oktober Kommunikationsdesign

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