Promotional Material


The items below are available to all project partners and other interested parties for promoting or communicating OPERAS.

OPERAS Newsletter

OPERAS Newsletter May 2017: 1st edition (May 2017)

OPERAS Newsletter August 2017: 2nd edition (August 2017)

OPERAS Newsletter December 2017: 3rd edition (December 2017)




Acknowledgement of EU Funding for OPERAS

Template for Presentations

Download the template for OPERAS presentations (pptx) here: Template Presentation OPERAS

Download the template for OPERAS-D presentations (pptx) here: TemplatePresentationOPERAS-D


OPERAS Map of Partners, February 2019


Download the OPERAS Flyer here (version August 2018, web): OPERAS Flyer (web)

Download the OPERAS Flyer here (version August 2018, print): OPERAS Flyer (print)

OPERAS Design Manual

Download the OEPRAS Design Manual here: OPERAS Design Manual

OPERAS Conference

Download the conference programme: Conference Programme

Download the conference programme as a flyer inlet for print: Conference Flyer Inlet (print)

Download the OPERAS Conference banner: Conference banner

Download the OPERAS Conference slider: Conference slider

Download the OPERAS Conference poster: Conference poster

Download the OPERAS Conference social media image: Conference social media