OPERAS Projects

The OPERAS distributed research infrastructure is supported by 2 projects, funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation prorgramme.

The OPERAS-D (Design) project supports the 9 main partners (“core group”) of the OPERAS network in the development of a European e-infrastructure for open access publications in the SSH. The project addresses long-term requirements for the development of the e-infrastructure and community building, as well as seeks to expand other interested parties within and beyond Europe, and in diverse fields of the SSH. To achieve this goal, the key objectives of the OPERAS-D project are to prepare a design study that defines governance models, structures and scientific and technical concepts for future services that the infrastructure will provide, and establishes a roadmap to achieve these goals according to the requirements for long term sustainability. OPERAS-D engages the current and future partners in the OPERAS network to strengthen the community and develop the network of partners participating in OPERAS across Europe, specifically in central European countries.

HIRMEOS will prototype and set up a common layer of added value services on top of existing e-publishing platforms for open access monographs. The set of services that will be prototyped will make scattered and loosely connected collections of documents an integrated part of the open science knowledge system at european level by implementing common standards and crosslinking the documents with others and with various types of digital objects related to the research process. The project builds on two combined pillars: integration and innovation. HIRMEOS won’t develop new technologies from scratch but rather use already existing ones and prototype their implementation on the specific types of digital objects that are academic monographs. The technologies used will be the most innovative of the moment although mature enough to be implemented.